what would it be like?

so what would it be like to go from mindless to mindful, from empty to full, from being out of touch with yourself and others to being in touch with your friends and family and yourself, from being judgemental to being accepting, from having interpersonal stress and conflict, to having interpersonal joy and love, to go from lonely to feeling surrounded by loved ones, to go from an absence of flexibility to a flexible attitude, to go from having a difficult time with change, to welcoming it wholeheartedly, to go from up and down emotions and extreme emotions and mood dependent behavior to an even keel, a coolness, a calm?  what would it be like to go from impulsive behaviors and acting without thinking to being able to get through urges without acting on them, to being thoughtful about what you are doing and saying, to go from having difficulty accepting reality as it is, pushing it away, to fully opening and accepting just where you are at, to go from willfulness to willingness, from addiction to freedom?

what would it be like to be able to assertively ask for what you need?  what would it be like to say no?  what would it be like to be able to manage difficult emotions, to change them, even.  what would it be like to tolerate stress without making things worse, to function the best we can, with radical acceptance, in the reality we are in.

DBT supposes that it would be the opposite of misery and distress, that these problems can be solved, you can feel better about the problem, you can tolerate the problem but without DBT you will stay miserable.  You will make it worse.

To problem solve use assertiveness, the middle way, and change emotions while managing difficult ones.

What would it be like?